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Client: Vicnity Centres


Scope: The construction of the new H&M tenancy at Northland was awarded to Otto under an ECI and works comprised reconfiguration of the old banking precinct, and a new extension into the loading dock area to create the required 2,500m2 store for the retailer. Works also consisted of relocation of the City of Darebin Youth Centre, H&R Block, the main storm water drain outside the building area and the new Fire Supply Room that services the entire Centre. Works were always carefully planned and managed to maintain compliance to the centre requirements at all times with continual trading and minimal impact for all retailers and the loading dock. The existing roof at the front of the H&M store was maintained with the addition of new modified steel trusses to achieve the tenants tenancy brief requirements. 


Price: $10m

Contract: Early Contractor Involvement, Design & Construct

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