About Us


OTTO Construction Group is a hands on, customer focused property and construction business with areas  of expertise in retail, commercial and residential property development.

OTTO's founding directors have a wealth of experience in construction and property development, having worked for some of the country’s leading property and Construction Firms.

This experience coupled with a passion for all things building, has led OTTO to develop a service that not  only responds to their client’s needs, but exceeds them in understanding their business requirements.



This combination makes for a full suite of expertise to assist clients in achieving both outstanding project and company performance.

The OTTO focus is and always will be on their clients, with a common goal throughout the business to achieve the best level of service to clients and customers. We strive for excellence and innovation within our industry, and can tailor a service to suit your project requirements. We also deal with standard project delivery systems and requirements across the industry.

At OTTO we are passionate about what we do, and deliver on what we say.


​​Areas Of Expertise


  • Capital Expenditure Upgrades
  • Working Within Trading Environments
  • Development & Reconfiguration Works
  • End To End Project Delivery Services
  • Alternate Construction Solutions
  • Streamline Tenancy Delivery Process
  • Industry Leading Filly Engineered Hoarding Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Building Refurbishment
  • Amenity Upgrades
  • Office Strip Outs
  • Office Fit Outs
  • Structural Upgrades
  • Facade Upgrades
  • Building Additions
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