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In July 2020, OTTO Construction Group celebrated the milestone of 5 years in business, and what a year its been with the constant new challenges that COVID-19 has thrown at us and the construction industry as a whole. Despite these challenges, OTTO continually adapted and instilled COVID-19 guidelines into our daily HSEQ requirements to complete some milestone projects, along with a number of projects still in progress as we look forward to new projects scheduled in 2021.

5 IN 5

With last year being OTTO Construction Group’s 5th Anniversary, we asked our Directors, Ryan Long & Trystan Martin, what projects over the past 5 years have stood out as their milestone projects.

2016 - Victoria Gardens

2017 - Chadstone ERB

2018 - Northland H&M

2019 - Melbourne Central

2020 - Esports


As Victoria moves into the new COVID-Normal, it’s interesting to think about how environments like the office and worksite have changed in such a short period of time, and how they will function in the future. As highlighted worldwide, it’s vital for businesses to find ways to stop the spread of the virus through workplaces, in order to keep themselves and the economy fully operational moving forward.


Due to the required social distancing rules in office-based environments to help stop the spread, businesses need to reimagine desk layouts, shared workplaces and utilities, such as shared elevators, bathrooms and kitchens. 


In the coming month’s we highlight ways that we can help your workplace be re-worked to meet the Covid-normal standards

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Last year OTTO added to our suite of innovative and effective systems, by partnering with Hammertech to rollout their cloud-based HSEQ platform. This system helps OTTO to streamline and standardise HSEQ processes and tasks to ensure that safety, the environment and quality are the first priority from the project’s outset.


For instance, subcontractors, suppliers and their employees are invited to pre-register on Hammertech by our project teams before a project goes live, ensuring that all safety, environmental and quality requirements are in place before they are on site.


During the height Covid restrictions, Hammertech bulletins also made it easy for OTTO to keep all our staff & subcontractors up to date with the changing COVID-19 requirements. 


OTTO completed the extensive fit-out of I&D’s new Head Office. With high-end finished reception area, meeting rooms, open plan office environments and amenities - this fit-out is a beautifully executed office space that will last the test of time.

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Following the 4 level remix works to Emporium Melbourne, OTTO have officially completed the Fortress Esports fit-out. Spanning across three levels, Esports is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Is fit-out included a lobby at ground level; a dedicated gaming area and a sports bar at lower ground level (605m2); and in the basement (2500m2) the impressive arena with a bar/restaurant and dedicated streaming pods for patrons. Works included an upgrade of all the mechanical, hydraulic and fire services; and the installation of a significant amount of electrical and joinery. A completely unique build that engaged all the building expertise OTTO acquires, producing a state-of-the-art result.

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