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Client: Specific Refrigeration Services


Scope: OTTO were engaged directly by our client to assist in developing a masterplan and expansion to the existing Jalna Yoghurt manufacturing and storage facility. The brief was developed by OTTO to address the clients requirements for the following:

  • Current expansion demand

  • Future expansion

  • Improvement in production time

  • Improvement in dispatch time


OTTO successfully developed the agreed scheme using close client collaboration and our years of planning and construction experience. This resulted in a 30% cost saving to the clients budget, along with improvements to the construction time frames. This cost and time saving was a direct result of OTTO’s ability to design and construct part of the expanded facility in an adjacent existing building owned by the client.


The existing warehouses were modified to accommodate the specific requirements of the new batching plant, milk and sugar silos, loading docks and cold store warehousing with a conveyor system. Careful planning enabled pre-ordering of equipment with long lead times, and detailed modelling for optimum transport efficiency.


This optimization involved the design and construction of an elevated refrigerated conveyor system between the existing production and packaging plant to the new cold store warehouse. The conveyor improved operation efficiency by 75% and reduced lost time injuries and incidents associated with manual transportation between buildings.


The end result is a modern state of the art production facility which has exceeded our clients expectations.


Price: $8m

Contract: Design & Construct

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