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Broadmeadows big w

Client: Vicinity Centres

Scope: OTTO have been engaged by Vicinity Centres to complete the Broadmeadows Big W Backfill project within the Broadmeadows Central Shopping Centre, impacting the existing BIG W tenancy, 5 specialty tenancies and the existing primary loading dock off Pascoe Vale road. The development footprint is approx. 8,000m2 and is being delivered in one stage.


The project scope includes but is not limited to:

  • 5 tenancies to be reconfigured and transformed into 3 tenancies – Aldi (1550m2), Saccas (5500m2) and Pivot (950m2).

  • Aldi fitout items and services including Mechanical, Fire, Fire Electrical and Electrical.

  • Demolish of existing and provide new tenancy slab for Aldi tenancy.

  • Demolish of existing and provide new entry in-go for Pivot to transition from the mall to the existing BIG W slab.

  • Demolish and provide new internal loading dock slab for Sacca’s & Aldi tenancies including new dedicated plant deck for Aldi equipment.

  • Combined Base build services scope to suit reconfiguration works for remaining tenancies (excluding Aldi).

  • Reconfigured loading dock and civil works to support new and existing tenants.

  • Allowance for Tenants Category One Services Works to Aldi, Sacca’s and Pivot.


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